the lady miss susie (boygirlparty) wrote,

tattoo controversy, pt 2

thanks to all who had thoughtful thoughts to pitch into the tattoo debate.
it's such a weird, complex and personal subject.

on one hand, some comments really made me reconsider the harmless intent of someone who may get a tattoo without thinking about the ownership of the original art (ignorant flattery to the artist!), but then there were some comments whose authors seem so adamant that anything on the internet doesn't belong to anybody, which is really screwed up.

hopefully people in the future who consider getting a tattoo by any artist, especially if the artist is available for permission/usage rights, will seek it beforehand and think about the fact that the drawing was being shared to be shared under something along the lines of creative commons and not as public domain/clip art/whatever.

in the end, i think we all agree that there is a loss of control of one's work when it hits the internet - with good and bad repercussions - and everyone who says it's best not to share what is most precious, is probably right

(although i - and pretty much anyone who knows what the internet is - really like sharing things and that is a hard habit to break, especially when it comes to the most precious things)
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