the lady miss susie (boygirlparty) wrote,

since we've been talking about it

ironically, this week, the senate is proposing an amendment to copyright legislation to REMOVE PROTECTION from 'orphaned' or unattributed works.

this means, basically, if you do a piece of work that isn't credited to you, it is assumed that it is an orphaned work and immediately deemed copyright free!

this is so dangerous to artists and musicians and anyone making things in so many ways i don't even know where to begin.

i just faxed my own letter of disapproval to the following three senators heading the judiciary committee (names followed by fax numbers, please read the graphic artists guild action alert for more info on what to include in your letter / more info about the situation in general):

orrin hatch (utah) fax: 202.224.6331
patrick leahy (vermont) fax: 202.224.3479
arlen specter (pennyslvannia) fax: 202.228.1229

and my own california representative:
dianne feinstein: fax 202.228.3954

this decision is being made quickly, so it is URGENT that people write and act now.
on this website is a list of all the senators involved in the committee on the judiciary:

there are other methods of contact: email, telephone and letter. please read more and let the senate know this is WRONG!
thank you!!!
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