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oh man! dear livejournal, archaic blog of yore, how have i neglected sharing so many updates with you?? there are mainly four main things to know if you're keeping up with the kardashians susies:

thing 1: my picture book was finally released! What Will Hatch is available in stores (including mine, of course!) and has gotten a couple really nice reviews and a few really adorable pictures on instagram of kids deeply invested in reading! i tried to find it locally here in san diego in a bookstore, but was unsuccessful. so call ahead to order + ask your local book shop (or even barnes and noble) to carry it, please! i appreciate it more than you can imagine. ISBN: 9780802723116
[rating it on amazon or goodreads is also something i appreciate more than you can imagine!]

thing 2 + thing 3: my new tab journal (forest animals journal) and my home/office organization kit (the keeping tabs productivity portfolio)!

between these three things plus my last two art shows, you are looking at the last two years of my life in total. i lived, ate, breathed these projects, both available in my shop, and again - on order through bookstores.

thing 4: remember when my journal was called "see/hear" and i posted equal parts music + art? you probably do NOT remember that. but i am a musician who used to play indie pop solo (as Snoozer) and had an EP i was pretty proud of but wasn't really supported by the music scene in Providence RI where i lived or by the label that represented me, and so i went on a super-extended, semi-depressed hiatus with just a couple songs that surfaced here and there even though there's always been a music tab on my site, i've been really bad about updating it.

well, now after many years, i play in a new band, singing harmonies (background) + playing synths, and we are called Bulletins and after 8 months of writing and practicing 2x a week, we are finally playing our first shows in San Diego:

Warm ups: April 13 in San Marcos and April 27 in San Clemente with our friends (my husband) The Paper Thins
Then, our first big kid show: Monday, April 29th with Marnie Stern and SISU at Soda Bar !! tickets!
With lots more to come such as our debutante ball at the Whistlestop on May 10th and on SD Dialed In's stage at the North Park Festival of the Arts on May 18th, so if you're in So Cal, please "like" and stay updated at http://facebook.com/bulletinsmusic

and that is what i am up to in a nutshell.

by the way: why are always people talking about things in nutshells? that's not a container for anything but a nut. nothing else belongs there.


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Apr. 4th, 2013 07:37 pm (UTC)
good to see you post on here, I read elsewhere (fbook?) about the new band- glad it's going well and you have gigs lined up. I remember playing you on the one radio show I ever did.
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