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i took some time out tonight to write + record this demo:

and i uploaded a few others that had been lying around.



50 + 50 + 50 + 50 = here we go

as if i needed to fracture my blogging any further as i endeavor to become a total oversharer (of thoughts), i've started a tumblr:

there, i post artwork and projects i'm working on, kind of keeping a running visual commentary about the work i'm doing.

meanwhile, i'm embarking on another year of 50/50 (the commitment to read 50 books and see 50 movies in 2014) - a commitment i've followed through with for the past two years. apparently it's the only resolution i can really keep! so far i'm working hard + reading a lot + am temporarily ahead of the curve.

this year i'm adding to my challenge and encouraging myself to also create 50 non-commissioned/finished paintings (personal works) and to learn 50 new, tangible skills. that last one is the hardest one, and the one i'm so far doing the worst at. but i want to pull it off somehow! whether it's learning a new art-making technique, learning how to play a new game, learning how to do a new physical activity, learning something practical and everyday…i want to learn and put that learning to use. and i'd like to learn from my friends, too, so if you are open to having me as your student – in anything – let me know & let's talk! (happy to return the favor)

what's the best new skill you've recently acquired?
how did you come to develop it?

here's my first uncommissioned painting of the year, inspired by the migration of snowy owls to new england:
snowy owl migration by susie ghahremani / boygirlparty

my first book of the year was "just kids" by patti smith
my first movie was the book thief, which lilly loved, but i thought was just ok.
my first technique of the year was learned from ivan brunetti's wonderful book Cartooning

i'm at 15/11/6/4 movies/books/paintings/skills respectively.


why do eyes get all meaty and swollen with tears? it can't be the salt content, right? I mean, that stuff came from within, why the sudden decision to react?

another year, another 50/50!

so, 2013 is almost over and i squeaked in with the fifty fifty challenge by reading 50 books and seeing 53 movies (so far) that were new to me for 2013.

here's my list of books and movies. bold = favorites for the year, green = very good

a hologram for the king, the corrections, asleep, love is a mixtape, i am the messenger, the bridge of san luis rey, my lives by roseanne arnold, unknown pleasures: inside joy division, the lone surfer of montana kansas, let's explore diabetes with owls, the key, the art of fielding, the sense of an ending, the graveyard book, beat the reaper, is everyone hanging out without me?, orientation and other stories, true grit, the lover's dictionary, no one belongs here more than you, the sailor who fell from grace with the sea, armageddon in retrospect, the street of crocodiles, asterios polyp, i drink for a reason, moranthology, love lucy, high fidelity, the night circus, life of pi, breakfast at tiffany's, gone girl, little bee, both ways is the only way i want it, you can heal your life, pink moon, the ocean at the end of the lane, will grayson will grayson, stargirl, beyond blue, this is where i leave you, created in darkness by troubled americans, the guernsey literary and potato peel society, i remember nothing, ready player one, what your mother should've told you, we are all weird, into the classroom, born standing up, the art of teaching

metropolitan, spring summer fall winter and spring again, the future, beauty is embarrassing, the purple rose of cairo, exit through the gift shop, between the folds, joan rivers: a piece of work, snow white and the huntsmen, gatsby, the hobbit, quartet, money for nothing, the internship, silver linings playbook, behind the candelabra, tupac: resurrection, despicable me, 56 up, mr and mrs smith, control, ray, victor victoria, 21 jump street, the heat, joy division, slumdog millionaire, i want someone to eat cheese with, the grifters, beasts of the southern wild, wanderlust, clear history, connie and carla, true grit, anna karenina, ratatouille, the girl, seven psychopaths, the shape of things, phil spector, gold diggers of 1937, marina abramovic: the artist is present, trouble with the curve, extremely loud and incredibly close, the perks of being a wallflower, little manhattan, the way way back, ruby sparks, life of pi, cloud atlas, this is the end, this is 40, blackfish

if i had to give out awards, it would be:

book that kept me up at night: gone girl
most unexpectedly fun read: ready player one
book i couldn't shut up about: the art of fielding
author i'm glad i read for the first time: yukio mishima (the sailor who fell from grace)
book i only stuck with because i already invested a lot of time and was worried i wasn't going to make it to 50/50: little bee

movie that kept me up at night: blackfish
most unexpectedly fun movie: the heat
movie i couldn't shut up about: beasts of the southern wild
movies adaptations of books i read for fifty fifty: true grit, cloud atlas, the hobbit, control
movie i would unwatch if i could: the trouble with the curve

i pulled off 50/50 last year, too. so i'm thinking i'm going to try to make 2014 a three-peat.
when you leave anything less than a 5-star feedback for an Etsy artist, it makes them 100% feel like shit, promise.

so don't, unless that is the intended effect.

because it is a person on the receiving end of that feedback, and she is working her ass off and doing her best. (well, i am anyway.)

if you want to delight in rating products, just try your comedy act out over here and get it out of your system.

if you have a problem that is solvable or obviously accidental (NOT "i wish this were blue and not red" type of complaints) contact the artist privately, and for god's sake, be pleasant, we're exhausted.

if she's worth her salt, that artist will work with you. and if you're worth your salt, you'll let her.



i haven't posted too much about her, but occasionally someone will ask me about how she is, or how i am with a new cat, or even if i have a new cat. so here she is. little miss violet.

sometimes she stands upright like a person.
she has that white dot on the end of her tail which my friend emma calls her "charm point"

i'm still perfecting my painted rendition of a black cat, but you can see both her and peechee in this illustration (minus the charm point). i still miss peechee every day. i am remembering less about him as time goes on, which is its own kind of heartbreaking. but i am so happy to have the little black cat above in my life. she's so wonderful in her own way.


busy week!

it's been a busy week with all the holiday orders from my shop but i'm giving myself a moment to breathe here namely because i'm completely out of bubble mailers and am waiting for fed ex ground to show up at my house with the next batch. it is so meta to be waiting for mailers to be delivered so i can mail things! anyway, whatever the reason, i appreciate the moment of quiet.

new Bulletins demos.

my band Bulletins released two new songs today. in this band, i sing harmonies and play synths. It's the first band I've ever been in that I didn't front! We've been together for a little over a year. The new songs are called "Is Love" and "Can't Stop" and you can hear them here:

And if you're in San Diego, you can see us tonight at Soda Bar, 3615 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104

Susie Ghahremani's band Bulletins at Soda Bar, November 18th, 2013

that time of year again.

it's that time of year again. holiday orders and i'm painting on post-it notes for the Post-It Show at Giant Robot in LA. dare i say this is my favorite time of year? it so is.

particuarly the holiday orders part. something about people bringing little bits of my artwork into their home for daily use or as a gift to a loved one just makes me happy. it makes me feel like i'm on the right path in life, grateful and feeling loved and appreciated in this world for the work i put out there.

i guarantee you that every small business feels this way about their customers, so whether or not you shop with me this holiday, shop small. there's meaning in making a person feel they're doing something right with their creativity and their life, and every transaction with a small business accomplishes that for the artist behind it.

susie ghahremani painting on post it notes for #postitshow

new looks / behind new designs

i've been hard at work redesigning the look + feel of my website. just felt like the right time for a refresh and an update on all the visuals around my work. so i got started. (after, obviously, a lot of procrastinating)

before tackling a website, i started with a business card. i had written the following sentences to describe myself and my work and thought i should have a version of my business card that says these things.

Susie Ghahremani is an award-winning artist and illustrator.
Boygirlparty is her collection of uniquely illustrated nature-themed stationery and gifts.
Find both online at

Susie Ghahremani business cards
my business card went off to the printer, and i decided to focus my next burst of energy on web design.
Here's what the new main shop site looks like. it's a huge improvement, in my opinion, over the old one which was dark and brown and kind of clunky looking.

The Boygirlparty shop

and here's a detail of a page for a single item in the shop. all coded by hand by me! i'm no web designer, and i'm sure a professional web designer could do much, much better, but for its lack of slickness, i'm thrilled with how it all came together.
by the way, this particular screen shot is of a new necklace I designed as well, the Owl and the Pussycat (based on the Edward Lear poem.)

The Owl and the Pussycat necklace

shortly after i finished the shop redesign, i felt my home page needed help but time was ticking before my trip to new york. so i finished this new splash page the night before i left, created in place of packing my suitcase which is probably what i should have been doing. for all the times i procrastinate on working in favor of life, here's an instance where i did the opposite. the website of Susie Ghahremani

while the homepage doesn't really emphasize the diversity of work I've done for books and magazines, there's something about it that i feel captures the tone of my paintings regardless of the subject matter. and hey, it coordinates really well with my new shop design!

heading back to the shop design, i also re-coded a random assort button. it's sort of like the wheel of fortune. click it to see something new.

Browse the Boygirlparty Shop at random

and that's all the refreshing of my design i've done lately. for now.

hell, i just went ahead and updated my portfolio, too.

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