the lady miss susie (boygirlparty) wrote,
the lady miss susie

the tattoo controversy

i just got another email from another person saying they got a tattoo of one of my drawings. while it does seem flattering someone would commit my art to their skin, i really hate getting those emails. would i rather not know about it? would i rather they ask me first? what is my problem?

i guess some drawings are of a personal nature, and when someone else claims it without even checking in with me, and then decides it can be theirs, there's something about that that really bothers me. for example:

a long time ago, i had intended to get a tattoo of the hummingbird/phonograph drawing i did for my own band, only to be beat to the punch by several people i don't know who found the image online and decided to do it first. that takes all the personal significance of the drawing away from me.

i know tattoo artists work hard to come up with designs and get paid to do them, they come up with designs whose intent and purpose is to appear on somebody's skin. why is everything available on the internet treated like clip art? granted, there have definitely been a few emails i got about tattoos that i haven't replied to because i don't want to seem like a jerk saying 'please don't do that', i have something on my website asking people to contact me about doing custom tattoos if they want a susie tattoo.

on one hand, like i said, if someone's getting a tattoo, that sort of a lifetime commitment to a drawing, which is, in theory, amazing/flattering. but then why do i feel sad about it? because they did it without acknowledging me or my potential reaction? because they didn't think about whether or not the drawing is theirs for the taking?

the internet has compromised the potential to own one's own work. the moment it is shared, it is lost.

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