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the tattoo controversy, part 3

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the tattoo discussion continues:

i have to say, this is one of the most interesting things to happen on my boring ol' livejournal. i really appreciate everyone's unique input. even when we don't agree, i'm enjoying everyone's opinions. it's sort of amazing: no two people seem to feel completely aligned on this issue.

this particular thread is brought to you by a comment by insurgentmuse. it brings up the points of: what's the difference when someone just uses your image in an internet context? what is publicity? and hey, not all artists are so protective of their work, why not? also, why i don't think someone getting an unauthorized tattoo is the same as stealing.

please pitch in freely.

top five solutions i see to problems of ownership of ones art on the internet:

1. watermark everything

2. splash 'terms of use' page as suggested by magpie_leah - an effective suggestion! but also feels a little school marmish - and may lead to further misconceptions that may be a child porn site.

3. unplug the computer and go watch a lifetime original movie

4. like many other illustrators, share NOTHING unless it has been commissioned and paid for by someone else already.

5. open up the topic to discussion on my blog, thus getting both extraordinary support as well as namecalling from total strangers, with the hopeful end result of making people more aware of ownership issues.

i don't know about you, but #3 is totally looking good to me right now.

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