the lady miss susie (boygirlparty) wrote,
the lady miss susie

i'm going to organize a handmade gift basket for kati kim and her daughters.

if you're interested in participating, please send an email to susie (at) titled "kim family gift"
***please include your name, phone number, and items you might be sending
(if you know them).

the phone number is important in case something happens to your shipment and i need to contact you about it.

for the not-crafty, monetary donations can be made to the family at:

for the basket:

you may send one, two or three gifts - please don't send more than that.
kati is a very stylish lady with a clean aesthetic. click around here and you'll get an idea of her taste:

for kati: i think what may work best in terms of gift giving are things that either are necessities, things she may need at this time like blank/greeting cards, picture frames, scrapbook/photo albums, non-perishable food items, teas , etc. anything that will provide comfort to the family at this time.
kati does not wear much jewelry, i'm sorry, jewelers!
please do not include a bunch of advertising extras for your business, this is meant to be a gift, not a sales pitch!
please no religious items either, as i don't know what religion the kims are.

**update: kati loves forest animals such as squirrels, deer, birds, etc. so those would be fine to adorn any gifts for sabine or kati. penelope really loves horses. kati also loves san francisco things. please send 12-24 month old sized baby things if you're making baby things for sabine!

please make sure all items are safe for children that you send! they seem to like animals a lot, so that seems like a good place to start.

please, of course, feel free to include short, sensitive notes of love and sympathy.
also feel free to label which gift is for which member of the family.

gifts must arrive no later than thursday, december 14th. DO NOT send me packages after that date, please!!
i know that's not a lot of time, i'm sorry - but i want to make sure she gets some love in the mail a.s.a.p.
my mailing address is:
susie ghahremani
p.o. box 16616
san diego, ca 92176
please email me if you need to send items via fed ex or ups and i'll give you a non-P.O. address.

i will wrap everything up in a big package and send it to kati. i'm more than happy to pay for postage to kati, of course. thanks, everybody, i know this will be great.

** please repost freely among the craft community. the permalink for this post is **

if you will be in l.a. at felt club on dec 9th, i can receive items clearly marked "for the kim family" then.
any questions? post them here.
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