the lady miss susie (boygirlparty) wrote,
the lady miss susie

this has become a blog of bad news

alison/wonderland q had emergency surgery today and is currently in the hospital. she is in recovery now and will be there for the next week or so.
if you'd like to send her a get-well gift, please email me for the address of her hospital.

she's a very good friend of mine and i adore her -- wishing her a speedy, speedy recovery and a winning lotto ticket.

if you are able to help this un-insured girl get through approx six days of emergency room bills, please consider sending her a paypal donation to info -at- auroraseven dot com

fundraising ideas forthcoming.

edit: 4.10.07:

edit: 4.16.07: alison has been released from the hospital but is still under medical care. a shop has been set up by a generous crafter named renee for which all proceeds go to alison and her medical bills! the address is
if you're able to donate handmade goods for sale on this site, please contact

edit: 4.19.07: alison update; wonderland retreat is rocking -- renee and her helpers are doing an amazing job. please bookmark + share the link!

paypal donations are still accepted and appreciated at info @ auroraseven dot com, which is alison's personal paypal address.

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