January 6th, 2011


in my tribe

"One thing: tribes are for real. They’re real in Afghanistan and they’re real on the web. The human psyche is tribal, I believe. It would have to be, because throughout millions of years of evolution the human race has organized itself into tribes and clans. So we’re hard-wired that way.

"But as artists and entrepreneurs, we have to be anti-tribal. We have to overcome this hard-wiring. What do I mean? I mean that tribes imposed discipline on individuals from the outside. They used social carrots and sticks to make their members behave, act virtuously.

"But we, as artists and entrepreneurs, are individuals. Our discipline has to come from within. It has to be self-discipline, self-motivation – and self-validation. In other words, we have to be a Tribe Of One. We have to kick our own ass and make our own selves work hard … and we have to praise and reward our own selves when we do."
from an interview with Steven Pressfield (whose book i really ought to read.)