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March 3rd, 2011


peter's nest, originally uploaded by boygirlparty.

we woke up this morning unexpectedly to a very sick peter finch. thankfully, he already had an appointment with the vet at 8am this morning that we had made last week for a non-emergency issue, so we rushed over with him this morning praying for a miracle. i kept him huddled to my chest for warmth. he was the sickest finch i've ever seen today, but yesterday he seemed fine. i couldn't believe the finch we were looking at this morning was the same one.

i was told once that instinctively birds hide their illnesses, so by the time you see a sick bird, it's already too late.

the vet told us he had pneumonia as he listened to his lungs with a stethascope bigger than the finch himself. i tried to keep peter warm in my hands while we waited for the vet to check him in for his $1200 hospital stay. normally a finch would never sit in my hands, he'd be flying about maniacally.

he died in my hands as we waited. we buried him with geraniums.

after i saw him this morning and saw how sick he was, we knew to expect this. but that doesn't stop me from this melancholy feeling.
the hardest part of loss is having to go on with your day, without anyone else knowing how heavy your heart is.
the other hardest part is knowing most people don't know how even a tiny bird can feel like a tremendous loss.
finches forever.

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