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March 4th, 2011

time capsule

today i happened upon an email i received from a stranger in 2004. i have received many such emails over the years, but this was perhaps my first. i'm already feeling low because of what happened yesterday with our finch Peter, but i have to say, in a way this made me feel good. i'm glad i didn't listen to the people over the years who have told me things like this:

Hossein Daneshkhah is an asshole!

after finding that email, i decided to continue reading to see what else lurked in my archive of ancient emails, and found so many treasures that it began to unfurl as a kind of time capsule. i'll skip over the travel photos & hilarious email exchanges and get straight to some time capsule artwork.

here's a Dunny i painted for a collection on spec for Kid Robot in 2004. they never printed it, and projects like this are why i usually don't do work on spec anymore! but, i do still love this dunny. he's so suspicious yet fancy.

here's a line painting i did of my take on a yeti for an issue of Giant Robot back in 2004 (i think) -- the issue featured many artists' renditions of yetis and mine was among them:

post-it notes i painted for GQ magazine. i think the issue was visually post-it themed, though i never saw it myself in the end. 2005? curated by incredible artist & friend mark todd, after i participated in my first post-it show!

an illustration i did (2004?) for a client i can't remember, but really like how it turned out:

today's been dark for me, sadder than even yesterday, but it was nice to remember these moments & look back and think: yes, all these things had to happen for me to end up here exactly. it has not always been easy but it's always been necessary.

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