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March 27th, 2011

let's confer

this past friday + saturday, i went to the AIGA design conference here in san diego and it was awesome!

i don't know why i haven't been to an art/design conference before in all these years (maybe $$?), but i'm so glad i went, and i'd recommend it to anyone else who wants to reconnect with their process & get reminders of some inspirational basics (yet anthems!) like "love this shit" & know when to pare down. plus i got to hear all about a day in the life of a guy who does underwater imax photography! (i want that job now! oh, to live life away from all the noise)

i was reminded of how awesome it is to finally meet up with really awesome peers you've emailed with but never before had the chance to lunch with and how insightful your friends can be when you sit down and learn together.

i definitely had forgotten how awkward a bunch of artists/designers can be when all thrown together. on more than one occasion, i felt totally flat-out snubbed/ignored by people i tried to say hi to that i sort of vaguely knew, and on other occasions felt like i was trapped in a room with a bunch of people who were SIMULTANEOUSLY STARING at each other, yet saying nothing! so awkward! we're all just a bunch of loners and observers, i guess.

on a sidenote, speakers are gutsy. i don't know how they do it! were it me on the stage, i'd be paralyzed with fear in front of an audience like that. admiration!

however, my sketchbook is now FULL of pages and pages of notes i'm going to have to laminate or translate or something and i'm feeling pretty inspired.
there is no downside to learning!

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