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April 6th, 2011

art research

i have a few things i really want to learn about but outside of being in school, have no idea where to gather information on the following. if you have any thoughts, or know where i can get more information about any of these things, i would REALLY appreciate the guidance!

1. i really want to learn about how to design a pattern repeat -- like a "brick" repeat - not a regular grid repeat. i am really sick of handpainting polka dots, but also i feel like my artwork would translate well to things like fabric, but i don't know how to design a repeat that isn't grid-based.

2. i need a new scanner and i need a color laser printer. i have a microtek scanner that's kind of old now, and it's showing its wear. i'd like to upgrade to a large format scanner for reflective artwork (paintings) but the closest thing to what i'm looking for seems to be epson's 10000XL. no idea what my other options are.
for a color laser printer, i want one to do digital proofs at home, and also to do some other potentially fun stuff like make limited edition greeting cards.
again, outside of amazon reviews, i'm not sure where to find recommendations for either of these things - and need to find stuff that will work specific to fine art!

3. grants. i really want to apply for one, but compared to Rhode Island where i used to live, the opportunities here seem few for an individual. have you ever applied for one / do you know anything about such a thing?

thanks in advance to anyone who can help, and if you can't help, that's ok - it's good for me to just write this stuff down to remind myself not to give up looking for answers just because they're hard to find.

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