April 21st, 2011


handmade sketchbooks

tonight, i'll be at this event at the Mingei Museum here in san diego (6-8:30pm if you're in the area!). as i was packing up cards & stationery & necklaces and such to share and sell, i thought it might be nice to mix it up. so, i decided to handmake some sketchbooks (the kind i posted a tutorial for in may '09)

i'm heading to the museum in a few minutes, but thought i'd share a few photos below. all featuring found papers & vintage ephemera & some other stuff by me like pages of to-do lists and "this book belongs to" stickers and stuff like that you may already have seen.
my favorite pages are the vellum ones. those are also the hardest to sew in place. my favorite part is the pocket! the pocket is very useful.

i have 10 or so on hand for tonight. if they don't sell, maybe i'll post 'em for sale online.

tonight's event will be cool. if you're in the area, come by!