April 29th, 2011



my beloved sister Lilly gave me an ipod shuffle about a month back, and i really love it. it has an inscription to me from her, written in phonetic persian-accent english.

i loaded four records onto it and a podcast about running.
the four records are: "expo 86" by wolf parade, "libraries" by the love language, "telekinesis!" by telekinesis, and "innerspeaker" by tame impala.

i listen to these four records on shuffle, nonstop, from this tiny device the size and weight of a stick of gum. there is no cumbersome device to carry around. it's clipped on my waistband magically teleporting music to my ears.

there's more space on this shuffle, but i like the four record limitation.

it's like the olden days phenomenon of having one cassette tape in your car, a tape you really love, a tape you can't stop listening to, a tape you sometimes hate but you have none others in your car because the spare ones might melt.

but something about listening to the same thing over and over again is beautiful, it properly soundtracks the unexpected moments in your life, and gives you the time you need to love every note.