June 5th, 2011



our finch tom had surgery on wednesday. he's had a tumor on his wing for a few months now that has gotten progressively more disturbing & after several vet visits, we were able to have it surgically removed. i don't know if you can imagine surgery on something as tiny as a finch, but all i know is during the 6 or so hours i waited to hear his prognosis, i was a wreck. HE DID OK! he had an overnight hospital stay. tiny finch hospital.

things had been going well with his recovery until we were just headed out the door to go to a birthday gathering i had planned for myself this morning. my husband went to put some fresh water in tom's little hospital cage before we left -- it was literally the last thing we were doing before leaving. and tom got scared, flapped his wings and before we knew it, blood was splattered everywhere and we were freaking out.

everybody. finches & humans alike. all freaking out.

finch blood splatter is pretty much my biggest nightmare/fear.

somehow, i stabilized him quickly, (i am constantly grateful we have this stuff on hand) but were worried about what might happen in our absence / if the wound opened again.

with 15 minutes to go, we decided to cancel the birthday plan (though sent out an SOS message saying people were welcome to come to our house instead) and before we knew it, we were surrounded with love from friends and family who showed up and brought the party to our house. like i said in my last post, i felt like friends and family had preoccupied lately, so it meant so much to me to have them around me, especially on such a crazy stressful day.
we set up in our backyard, sneaking away every 20 minutes or so to check on our little tom, who i'm happy to say seems much better now.

i am grateful everything and everybody is ok. the day & finch were saved.