June 6th, 2011


we interrupt this finch update with another finch update

i just got home from the vet, where we were having the incision site checked out after yesterday's incident. incidentally, the pathology from the surgery came back and what the vet thought might be pretty benign turns out to be an extremely rare, aggressive, vascular cancer. the vet thinks if the incision site doesn't heal (and continues to bleed as it did on sunday) that that means he'll probably never heal and it would be best for us to euthanize him.

we'll know in 3 weeks if he'll make it or not.

all those positive thoughts and things would be appreciated right now. i'm trying to make him as comfortable as i can and to attend to him as best as i know how. meanwhile i am freaking out inside.
i cried the whole drive home.

i just feel the weight of responsibility for this little life on my hands, and i don't want him to suffer.

i need to remind myself to document the happy finch times here more often. it feels like everytime i post about finches, something catastrophic has happened. most days i can hear the finches singing and chirping as i work. i give them baths that they light up for. i love picking out sprouts and greens at the farmers market to give them as a special treat.

i made tom a dandelion salad just moments ago. i think i can take care of him and nurse him back to health, if it's possible, but hearing that bad news today just really broke me.

i try my best with these little guys.

tom (L) dot (R), on a happier day:
oh to be a finch