June 15th, 2011


one line a day

my friend emma got me the one line a day journal for my birthday, and these last few weeks, it's been fun to document something small/trivial as my only update, or conversely, summarize a big event in a single sentence. it's like a facebook status as a note to self. and, it's got me thinking about doing something everyday as a habit again.

later on, i was thinking about how facebook artifically reconnects us with long lost friends, family, etc. maybe a little while ago, it was a little more effective at this, but with the new set up, i'm really only keeping in touch with people i already talk to regularly.

i wonder, if i put my mind to it, if i could write a letter (or email) to a friend i don't talk to very often but still really value, every day of the year.

perhaps this will be my thing?