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July 12th, 2011

"If I can't make the deal in a phone call, and have them understand it, then it's not a worthwhile deal. You're making a deal with the people, not with the contract."
from here

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Q: Do you have any tips on firing your clients?

A: The reason you're firing the client needs to be solid and it needs to be in writing. And the client needs to be very aware that they've transgressed against X thing in the contract and this is why they're being fired. Do it quickly and do it clearly. They should know they're getting fired. And do it as kindly as possible because this isn't someone who walked into a relationship with you to be a dick, this is just a relationship that went sour. So do it with as much respect as possible."
from this

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those two sources (if you check out the full viewing of the mike monteiro video especially) have somewhat contradictory advice about contracts and the importance of them, but it's good to remember both perspectives sometimes. maybe the penn jillette advice is just a different way of saying "Keep It Simple, Stupid" and the mike monteiro advice is just a different way of saying "prepare for the worst/hope for the best"

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