September 24th, 2011


painting in progress

painting in progress, originally uploaded by boygirlparty.

i have been working on a project since february that will not be published until 2013, that i spend ~15 hours a day on, and feels like it will never be over even though my deadline is in a month. a month!

after years of painting quick, miniature paintings — a satisfying, immediate way of working — it feels like such a gamble to spend this much time on a project. will it be received well? will it even turn out the way i want it to? will there be a production snafu? as was the case with my recent clockwork agenda, will it go out of print immediately never to be printed again? will i meet my deadlines? will i stay sane?

will it have been worth giving up most of my year to?

this is a big risk to take creatively. i have no idea which way it will go, i just keep painting & hoping & wondering.

and i can't wait to share it with you guys. you're going to have to wait a while though.