October 7th, 2011


spec is for suckers

i'm amazed at how many companies ask artists to work on spec these days. that means the hiring company asks artists to submit finished, final artwork and THEN the company will decide whether or not they actually feel like paying for the work the artist did. it's completely risk free for the business, and it's COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY a huge risk for the artist, and often a disappointing, horrible waste of time. i hate working on spec. i think it's degrading and rude and disrespectful. ditto on crowdsourcing, which is the same thing as working on spec, but with a name that is somehow even stupider sounding.

everyone's had their experiences with this at some point, and it doesn't feel good. it feels like you're entering a contest in which the prize is getting paid for work you should have gotten paid for in the first place.

working on spec is like having a dress made specific to your dimensions, but telling the designer that if you don't like it, you won't buy it - even though it was made JUST FOR YOU and YOU ASKED FOR IT.
it's like ordering a sandwich at a shop, taking a bite, then deciding while you chew whether you want to pay the restaurant for this special sandwich or walk out like it never happened.

it's basically being told "what you do for a living is probably not worth paying for, so we'll see about that later"