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December 2nd, 2011

doctor's orders

thank you to everyone who left me a sweet message on the peechee post, or anyone who emailed me or followed up in some way, especially those of you who understood what it's like to go through this with a soulpet.

it's been tough over here: 6 vet visits and the 3 day ER stay during the last couple weeks. he hates going and we hate taking him out of the house. the good news is he's not suffering - he is being affection and sweet as always. that said, it seems like every time we take him to the vet, the news is worse than it was before. so i don't know where we stand now. his kidneys are reacting poorly to the medication that's supposed to clear the fluid from his lungs. his right atrium of his heart is swelled to 3x what it is supposed to be size-wise, so he is now also at risk for a stroke. we have him on four medications including an experimental medication that we are praying pulls a miracle. it is supposedly a miracle drug. (vetmedin if there are any vets out there) i am so exhausted from crying all the time.

it's that busy time of year for me with the shop, and given the vet bills, i've never been more grateful to be slammed with work and have some influx of cash to pay for all his treatments. i've also been fortunate enough to have my art & the products i design featured in a couple cool places recently like ecofabulous, poppytalk, vegansaurus, cool mom picks, discover paper - and all that great news has really given me some much needed good news amidst all this bad news.

meanwhile, peech has been seeping in to tons of my artwork under various pseudonyms. here are post it notes for the giant robot post it show next saturday in LA, and some paintings for a holiday art show here in san diego at junc gallery tomorrow. here is also a picture of peechee with a handmade donut toy from hey kitty kitty -- megan from hey kitty kitty is one of the shops i work with and sent me a package of toys for peechee with a note that said "stay strong, peechee!" which predictably basically brought me to tears. it was one of the most thoughtful things imaginable, and i can't tell you how happy it made us both to see him interacting with a new toy, giving us positive memories of him during this difficult time.

please cross your fingers for our little guy & hope monday finally brings some good news with the miracle drug. hope you all had a good thanksgiving week & holidays and all that stuff. i'll keep posting updates. xo

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post it notes
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