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December 14th, 2011

i can't believe it's been a month since everything happened with peechee. it feels as if it's been just a matter of a couple days. when i brought him home from the ER with all the instructions i was given, i made a hospital chart to track his progress (weight, breaths per minute, AM/PM medications, quality of life, etc)

i didn't know how much longer he would have with us, so i only made it for two weeks out.

we're now deep onto our second page, which brings me a kind of bittersweet happiness i can't even describe. i feel like a crazy person for being so affected by his wellness, but i also know from notes and calls i've received that among animal lovers, i'm not alone -- which gives me some comfort when i do stupid, uncontrollable things like cry about peechee in the front of my husband's bosses at his first ever holiday party with a new company. ("get a grip, susie" has been my unsuccessful, stern self-talking in these situations)

that said, an update from our most recent (8th) vet visit is in order. first things first: peechee looks great. he has been eating, and he's been playful and he is acting like the cat i knew before this all happened. it *appears* that the vetmedin (experimental drug / potential miracle drug) the cardiologist prescribed is working to help manage his heart failure. his lungs are clear of fluids (!!!), and he seems to be himself in every way! it's a kind of great news we never thought we'd hear again.

that said, he is still at risk for heart failure again, a stroke, and his kidneys are also responding negatively to medication and at very, very high risk for failure. every time we leave the cardiologists office, she gives us contact information for an emergency, which i feel like is her way of preparing us, saying you will need this info someday. so as great as he looks, there is so much i have to be vigilant about (medications at specific times in the day, monitoring his appetite and thirst...) i feel like i'm constantly on edge about it and wonder when *i* will get used to the routine. (perhaps this is the hardest part. the fact that he looks fine now, but is actually not yet.) at times i am honestly anxious about leaving the house, dreading the possibilities if something were to happen.

not that i even could leave the house, even if i wanted to. i've never been so grateful to be so busy with holiday orders. each shop order i've gotten has put a penny toward his (expensive) treatments and given me the peace of mind that we'll be able to take care of him going forward. i cannot begin to express my gratitude to those who shopped handmade / independent with someone like me this holiday. i know i'm not the only person out there depending on this time of year for some stability in my crazy life.

anyway, so that's the gist of things. we're not out of the woods yet, but peechee has resumed his usual behavior of following me around from room to room while i work, and i work all the time.

here he is, swaddled absurdly by me at his most recent vet visit (yet somehow he remains content):

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