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how to make your own quick & easy sketchbook!

How to make a diy sketchbook by susie ghahremani /
This is a super-easy project, customizable to any size, and you'll be left with a cute sketchbook with handy pockets filled with paper you love to draw or write on (unlike many sketchbooks on the market!) and something you can proudly say you made.

Edit: I now sell the "This Book Belongs To" sticker featured in this post, over here!

You will need:
  • approximately 10 sheets of drawing paper
  • A ruler, scissors, rotary cutter (or x-acto), sewing machine (or heavy duty sewing needle + thread)
  • One sheet of decorative paper (I recommend something a little bit heavier, like cardstock thickness)
  • Optional: rubber band or ribbon for super-flat closure

    Once you've chosen your drawing paper of choice (I like to mix it up!) Cut down about ten sheets to the same size (In this tutorial, I've cut mine down to about 6x8 (so my book will be 4x6 when folded) I used a rotary cutter for this, but if you're good with a ruler + x-acto, you can do that as well.
    Stack up the paper you've cut to make sure everything's the same size. Then, one by one, fold your papers in half - the fold down the center will be the spine of your mini-sketchbook.

    FYI, This only takes a minute & folding your papers one-by-one insures a tidy finish. If you shortcut by folding them as a stack, your papers may shift around during binding and your sketchbook may look a little bit messier.

    Ok, now line your sheets back up so the creases stack neatly. See how book-like it is already? Now, let's move on to making the cover and binding the book...

    Grab your sheet of decorative paper for the cover and fold it about two inches in...this will be your pocket. You can make it as big or small as you like.
    Then, trim down your folded cover to slightly larger than interior pages (add about 1/2" onto the sides and 1/4" onto the top and bottom) - so for my 6x8" book, I'll cut the cover to 6.5x9"
    Fold 1/4" of your cover paper over the pockets on the left and right edges. We need to fold over the sides like this so stuff doesn't fall out of the interior pockets. Leave the bottom edges as they are.
    Ok, now your pockets and book are ready to be bound (I'll use a sewing machine, but you can also use a needle/thread or staples for the next steps).

    What you have done so far should look like this:
    Ok, now plug in your sewing machine and we'll zip a straight line up the sides of the cover to hold those 1/4" pocket folds in place. Like this:

    (sewing paper is fun)
    When you're done straight-stitching the pockets, the finished cover should look like this:

    I recommend using a long stitch because a short length straight stitch or zig zag will compromise the strength of the pocket, and may tear your cover paper.

    Okay, now line up your interior paper with your cover so that you like the way it's centered in the book.

    If you're finding that your interior paper is too big for the cover, now's the time you can trim it down a little before this final step!

    With that same long-straight-stitch, carefully press your book down the center seam.

    Trim the hanging threads and snap a rubber band around the cover and YOU'RE DONE!

    I hope you enjoyed this project! If you'd like to link to it, the URL is:
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