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laurie dann

earlier today, i had a sudden (unwanted) memory of the day laurie dann put a bomb outside my classroom.

i was in the 2nd grade, mr. grant's class. mr grant was the teacher who put our desks inside refrigerator boxes and let us decorate them however we wanted. he/we called it cardboard city.

as we filed down the hallway, everybody saw the bomb burning in a plastic bag, inside a cardboard box. someone at the end of the line pointed it out to mr. grant -- either ben wigdor or chet evans. we didn't know it was a bomb. later that day, laurie dann open fired on a classroom at a nearby school. she killed some, wounded others. at the time, it was scary - the whole thing was terrifying, but in that child-like way where you never really know what's going on until you're told, we (or at least i) didn't really understand how close we were.

i remember the scorched part of the floor in the hallway, and wondering over my next 3 years in elementary school if the bomb had caused it, or if it was a coincidence that the floor had been marred there.

i remember walking home from lunch that day with my sister, and having mr. grant run down the sidewalk, pick us both up under his arms and carry us running into the school which was full of crying kids, half of whom were talking about killer bees, and none of whom knew the real story about laurie dann open firing on the nearby school, killing some, and still on the loose. i don't remember if the bomb was before or after this part happened. i think it was before.

i remember cutting the shape of sunglasses out of cardboard and gluing saran wrap to it to make "3-d" glasses as a get well present for the four kids who were hospitalized from the shootings a week or so later. two boys and two girls. the girls were easier to draw for.

i remember the anthology of poems about laurie dann that our school put together, and i remember my mom saying "who would want to commemorate this??"
i don't remember if i had a poem in the anthology.

i remember feeling like it was something we could never really talk about after it happened.

there was a tv movie about it all starring valerie bertinelli. there's a wikipedia entry about it, too.
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