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when you leave anything less than a 5-star feedback for an Etsy artist, it makes them 100% feel like shit, promise.

so don't, unless that is the intended effect.

because it is a person on the receiving end of that feedback, and she is working her ass off and doing her best. (well, i am anyway.)

if you want to delight in rating products, just try your comedy act out over here and get it out of your system.

if you have a problem that is solvable or obviously accidental (NOT "i wish this were blue and not red" type of complaints) contact the artist privately, and for god's sake, be pleasant, we're exhausted.

if she's worth her salt, that artist will work with you. and if you're worth your salt, you'll let her.



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Dec. 19th, 2013 02:37 am (UTC)
Totally. I always give people a chance to fix problems and when they do, I give them extra good reviews for being responsive.
Dec. 19th, 2013 02:48 am (UTC)
Well said.
Dec. 19th, 2013 04:35 pm (UTC)
Dont let it get to you - everyone gets the stupid reviews at some point, but people reading those reviews also learn to take some of those bad reviews with a grain of salt. We recently traveled and stayed in a hotel where someone had ranted like whoa over the fact that they didnt give her ANY TOP SHEET between her and her blankets. She carried on rather crazily, even saying they explained that the covers were built into the blankets and even accommodated her by giving her an extra sheet, but she still felt strongly enough to come online and leave a scathing review over it. Turned out the place had incredibly nice European down blankets which were tucked away, like all European style accommodations, in a duvet cover. Anyone reading the review who has ever left US soil will likely laugh at it just the same as we did, and it doesnt hurt the place getting the review.

Similarly, I had a review on my google star rating that just wrecked my ratings - saying that they'd ordered a piece 2 days before Christmas during a white-out winter storm (which had closed down the entire city for four days - though I'd walked through the snow to deliver the package to the post office since the mailman was not going out to collect mail during that time - this despite being warned BEFORE PURCHASE with screens they had to click through to place any order warning folks that there was this thing called weather going on which was going to make it take longer for mail to get out that week, in addition to several emails) - and that it hadnt arrived by Christmas but took an extra week. I should add, they also didnt pay for any kind of expedited shipping - so even had the airport been open, chances are USPS wouldnt have gotten to them in time. :P

I can only hope that most folks have the sense to read negative reviews and also be able to judge how many of them are being ridiculous also. I see dumb reviews on Etsy all the time and the only effect it has is to make me think "avoid that customer!" - NOT the shop!
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