the lady miss susie (boygirlparty) wrote,
the lady miss susie

50 + 50 + 50 + 50 = here we go

as if i needed to fracture my blogging any further as i endeavor to become a total oversharer (of thoughts), i've started a tumblr:

there, i post artwork and projects i'm working on, kind of keeping a running visual commentary about the work i'm doing.

meanwhile, i'm embarking on another year of 50/50 (the commitment to read 50 books and see 50 movies in 2014) - a commitment i've followed through with for the past two years. apparently it's the only resolution i can really keep! so far i'm working hard + reading a lot + am temporarily ahead of the curve.

this year i'm adding to my challenge and encouraging myself to also create 50 non-commissioned/finished paintings (personal works) and to learn 50 new, tangible skills. that last one is the hardest one, and the one i'm so far doing the worst at. but i want to pull it off somehow! whether it's learning a new art-making technique, learning how to play a new game, learning how to do a new physical activity, learning something practical and everyday…i want to learn and put that learning to use. and i'd like to learn from my friends, too, so if you are open to having me as your student – in anything – let me know & let's talk! (happy to return the favor)

what's the best new skill you've recently acquired?
how did you come to develop it?

here's my first uncommissioned painting of the year, inspired by the migration of snowy owls to new england:
snowy owl migration by susie ghahremani / boygirlparty

my first book of the year was "just kids" by patti smith
my first movie was the book thief, which lilly loved, but i thought was just ok.
my first technique of the year was learned from ivan brunetti's wonderful book Cartooning

i'm at 15/11/6/4 movies/books/paintings/skills respectively.
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