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everyone i know is brokenhearted, too.

not for the faint-hearted, but this post, "Everyone I Know is Brokenhearted" articulates a lot of what i feel.

wrapping my head around this part:

Like minds need to pull together and pool our resources and rage against the dying of the light. And I do think rage is a component that’s necessary here: a final fundamental fed-up-ness with the bulls*** and an unwillingness to give any more ground to the things that are doing us in. To stop being reasonable. To stop being well-behaved. Not to hate those who are hurting us with their greed and psychopathic self-interest, but to simply stop letting them do it. The best way to defeat an enemy is not to destroy them, but to make them irrelevant.

read the full thing, and you should, at: http://zenarchery.com/2014/08/everyone-i-know-is-brokenhearted/


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jennifer wright
Nov. 6th, 2014 06:50 pm (UTC)
i could not help but read this article -- and the excerpt you highlighted -- and think that, perhaps, a huge part of the answer is all of us refusing to engage with the social media, internet game. years ago, i read an interview with the anarchist john zerzan, and he was asked what he thought people could do about "it all"....and his response was (something like)...I dont know, stay home? Just stop?

for whatever reason, his response has stuck with me for years and comes up whenever i ponder the issues of our society. im not saying its easy or an instant answer, but there is some real truth that rings to me with that response, because a huge part of the problem is (to me) that our society is like a runaway train heading over a cliff at full speed, and id like to just step off the train for a minute.

this is not all i think about this topic, but just a little start and snippet, btw.

=) jennifer.
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