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what chance do the rest of us have?

Another really good article about the value of art in our society vs. how it is valued.
I realize I'm posting a lot of these articles lately. Half to bookmark for self, half because they express a lot of my thoughts these days with greater clarity.

gardensatnight phrases wisely (over here on Ello, which is basically like a new livejournal):

Social media makes life - even personal life - oddly impersonal. We click "like" and feel like we've REALLY supported someone (emotionally, or in their work), instead of actually giving real tangible support. For example, someone is fundraising for a project or a charity, or showing their artwork, and we click "like" and feel like we did something good to support them, when really we did nothing. We no longer feel any obligation to actually put our energy or money where our mouth (or mouse?) is. We don't really show up for people.

(i'm on ello, too)

We need to be better at showing up. For art, for music, for film, for theater, for friends, for family, for life, for each other.
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