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Thoughts about Black Friday, in general, and the idea of putting your money where your heart is.

My husband and I just drove home from a lovely Thanksgiving with our family and friends. Passing by the Wal Mart and Fry's on our way home, the parking lots were absolutely full. People presumably rushed out of their thanksgiving celebrations to go bargain shopping for Black Friday deals.

I'm all for deals – I know a lot of Etsy sellers offer them too – but WHAT IS THE POINT, you guys? Aren't the holidays about family and time together and thoughtfulness? Isn't hustling out of one holiday to go throw down money for another sort of against the very idea?????????????

I urge you to resist Big Box Store Black Friday madness. Take the day off like you're supposed to. Enjoy time with your kids or your friends kids. or, you know, just resist the Wal-Marts of the world.

Pledge to make homemade gifts, shop local from small businesses, buy handmade and support the work of artisans. The money you might plunk on a flat screen TV Black Friday deal at Best Buy could literally be the difference between an artist being able to make a living at their craft, or…not.

Do whatever you can to bring the heart back into gift giving. Above all else, just put thought into your choices. None of this stuff is going with us when we go anyway, so make the memory/thought/intent/impact matter, not the discount.

Can we all just agree that Christmas was never about coupons?
That $500 doesn't make a big difference in the bottom line of big box stores, but could make or break a local business, a struggling artist, or a non-profit that serves a cause you believe in?

As an artist who makes things for sale and who relies on holiday sales for a lot of my stability for my work, the topic of how and when people decide to support my work is something I think a lot about. And I'm lucky to have such great support from some of my friends and family! I honestly temporarily forgot that we live in a world that thinks of Wal Mart and Best Buy and Target before they think of making something themselves, or shopping from the store owned by friends, or made by artists they love or wish to support.

Seeing that parking lot was a harsh reminder of the Black Friday madness.

Shop local. Shop small business. Buy handmade. Do it yourself. Please.
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