the lady miss susie (boygirlparty) wrote,
the lady miss susie

new year

boat illustration by susie ghahremani /

i'm hoping 2015 will be kinder.

i'm rounding out 2014 with gratitude that my loved ones came out of the hospital. my mom beat cancer. my husband is on his feet again.

in my heart, i'm hurt. these past few weeks, i received several catalogs from my collaborators that just didn't have my artwork in them anymore. like they couldn't be bothered to tell me that i'm being phased out. i feel old. i feel tired. i feel unappreciated. and constantly ripped off. and underpaid. and mostly just unappreciated.

i feel wobbly.

a week at sea and i haven't gotten my land legs back yet.

i hope 2015 will be kinder. i hope that i'll have more people in my life who value me and fewer that take advantage of me. i hope that i'll have mutually supportive collaborations. i hope that i'll have stability. i hope no one will steal my artwork next year. i hope for health and clarity and more love and wellness within my family. i hope i stop volunteering my time and love and effort toward things that make me feel ragged and abused.

i hope for peace within and without.
Tags: if wishes were fishes, life

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