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masterpieces are made "by careful scrutiny" and not "by unanimous praise."

from the wiki for Boyhood.
which i really enjoyed.

much to update, but i'm sick of being in front of the computer for now so here's the shortest version:

  • just finished my semester teaching at RISD, absolutely loved my students & had an amazing semester in rhode island. best part was hanging with old friends. worst part was taking the bus in extreme snow with extreme delays.

  • went to iceland and snorkeled and ice climbed. went to new hampshire, boston and new york.

  • michael had a bad accident and is on crutches/in stitches. (he's ok)

  • my new paintings are online and i am so proud of them.

  • my illustration is in Austin Monthly & this year I hope to do more illustration somehow. my dreams are, as always, of the new yorker, the new york times, real simple, and something unexpected, something great.

  • updated the shop with new work for sale…the baby clothing is newest.

  • had visitors swing by our messy home this past week: dain+chris+clark, catie and zach from seattle, jenny and matt from chicago, shannon from colorado. i like when people stop by, and with michael off his feet, he does too.

  • trying my best to read the tournament of books shortlist in time for the judging next month. currently: all the light we cannot see, which is a masterpiece.

  • been spending more than the usual amount of time with my parents, and loving it. how lucky i am to have two of the greatest people i've ever known bound to me by blood! they are stuck with me.

  • it hasn't been an easy year so far, but things are pretty good.

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