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persian new year

i know i've written about persian new year before, but i can't find the past entry to link it.

basically, at the vernal equinox and the first day of spring, persians celebrate the new year.

and this makes so much more sense, doesn't it?

you prepare yourself for the new year with a clean home and clear conscience, you spend time with loved ones and dear friends, exchanging money and eating sweets. fresh flowers. goldfish.

there are traditions and superstitions and they're all lovely.

i really feel like this march 20th is going to be a fresh new year. our house is very clean! i created a new website! ( i'm officially done with all my over-volunteering on things like teaching and library fundraisers and illustration conferences that left me feeling overworked and often under appreciated! my husband is healing from his devastating surf injury! things are just looking up in all kinds of ways.

i write so much about work here. there are so many disappointments in a career as an artist (or any kind of creative.) writers receive rejections, artists get passed up, our projects get killed or never picked up, or just fail. i have no control over whether people choose to support my work or not.

but what i can do is try to enjoy what i'm working on, and work on things i enjoy. and hope.

here's to a hopeful year.
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