the lady miss susie (boygirlparty) wrote,
the lady miss susie

ten years.

tomorrow marks ten years for my shop on Etsy. considering how much of every day i spend working on my shop/shipping/communicating through Etsy, this sort of feels like it's not an accomplishment at all. it feels like a day job of its own, so separate from what i wish my day looked like.

shouldn't i, at some point, be working less crazy hours?
waking up in the night with stress dreams less?
feel like i have earned some sense of accomplishment, accolade or feeling of partnership with etsy through my ten years of unending labor toward their reputation?

when i talk about etsy, i sound like my friends talk about corporate jobs that wronged them.

i heard an interview this morning with SVP of Etsy's Members and Community, and she said she's informed by her past experience as a therapist and feels sellers who are unhappy are just negatively reacting to change. this is so patronizing and dismissive, especially when sellers are often unhappy with things etsy has the power to change.
it makes me question why i have poured so much time into something for ten years that does not care whether or not i am happy with it.

the way i spend my day today on etsy does not look much different from ten years ago, except ten years ago i felt visible.
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