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the lady miss susie

"Delete All Mail" on iPhone iOS 9.1 deleted 13 years of my mail with a single swipe. Unimaginable.

Practical spoiler: there is no way to undo "erase all email".

This is going to sound insane and stupid and devastating and unimaginable, and it is all of those things.

I was watching the new Aziz Ansari show on Netflix and just playing with my phone. Not even looking at it, just swiping out of habit. I saw a button appear and tapped it without realizing what it was or what it said until it was too late. It said "Delete All Mail" or something like that. I immediately realized that's dialogue I had never seen before (it's a new option in iOS 9.1)

I ran to my computer fearing the worst. I watched over 100,000 emails disappear from my email server including contracts, client emails, files that had been archived on my email server, and personal correspondence. I thought maybe they were just moved to the trash. I realized one week of email was there up to the minute.

My phone was systematically permanently deleting anything in Trash that was older than a week. Because that's what it does.

It took less than a minute. I was on hold with Apple's support chat.

Emails from when my husband and I first started dating. Emails during the process of my first picture book. Photos people emailed me from my wedding. All gone.

I contacted Apple and they confirmed that the emails had been deleted and it was not possible to recover them, to interrupt this process, or worse: to prevent it from happening again.

An ordinary dialogue box stands between you, your phone, and the possibility of wiping your entire business and personal correspondence off the face of the earth.

Tonight I had a panic attack. The dizzy, floating above earth, heaving breaths kind of panic attack.
Apple support phone lines were closed.

Fuck all the inbox zero people who probably demanded this feature. No phone should have the ability to do this to your life.
Tags: anecdote, mobile, rant, ridiculous, sadness, tv, you can't take it with you

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