the lady miss susie (boygirlparty) wrote,
the lady miss susie

I've promised myself this year, like the others, to be better at some things.

* to read more than I did last year (I think I only read 27 books when my annual goal remains at 50)
* to exercise more and try to take better care of myself physically
* to be more organized, the thing I am much better at than I used to be but still have far to go
* to write in a journal more. this one, and the paper one, and the sketchbook one, and all the ones.

2015 was a good year in so many ways. sharing a schedule with my husband for the first time in 13 years allowed us to travel more and support each other more. I'm authoring my first book! I gained independence through my own online shop. I got incredible press for this online shop. my sister was married and, with gratitude, I got to be a big part of her celebration! I weathered a storm for the first half of the year and was rewarded with a garden for the second. I should be so lucky in 2016.

happy new calendar year.

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