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addendum to the previous post

the last year of my life has been about defending my copyrights more than ever - literally every day of the year - and it's exhausting and a full time job. It's absolutely unfair, the amount of time and energy required just to protect the things i've made, the art i'm trying to live off of. The art that is so personal and so important to me, and is worth defending. It feels sometimes like it's me vs. the world just trying to make and share my art.

I have a few updates to share:

1. takedowns on alibaba have changed since my previous post

to register for takedowns, you now must go to - and it's more challenging to do a take down now. I'm still figuring it out myself.

I've discovered takedowns on a couple other sites like DHgate and eBay are complicated in their own ways to get set up but equally worthy of doing. Someday I'll write a post about that stuff, too.

2. corporate infringement is AWFUL. chinese copies are EVIL. but unoriginal artists are also a serious problem and we should all be furious and relentless about this

if you are an artist, it is your job to be original, to draw from your personal history and experience, and not to create derivative products siphoning off the original ideas of others because you're greedy or lazy or a misguided fan -- or at worst, sociopathic.

I am so dismayed by how many artists think it's okay to just create their redraw of something that already exists, invoking enough changes to not have a copyright issue while trying to cash in on the intellect of another.

the definition of inspiration means to feel mentally stimulated to be creative. it does not mean to basically recreate someone else's art or product. that is not inspiration, and that is not being creative. it's unconscionable. widely selling, popular books like Steal Like an Artist and Big Magic remain popular because they reinforce the easy solution they offer artists: you don't have to do the hard part of inventing and thinking, you just have to sit at your desk going through the physical motions. but guess what? to have an ounce of integrity, you do have to do the hard part. and the hard part is creating the idea worth doing.

have you ever felt the feeling of wanting to jump out of bed because of a dream you had that made you want to create? strive for THAT, not to sell your own version of someone else's life's work.

are you an artist if you create essentially bootleg pokemon merchandise? are you an artist if you create bootleg merchandise of the ideas and characters of artists you like?

if this is you:

  • you're ruining the lives of people you respect and you need to stop.

  • just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

  • have some respect for who you are as a person and bring your own personality to your work.

  • if you think what you're doing is too close to something somebody else did, it probably is.

  • you are not the peer of the person you are ripping off -- you're literally their antagonizer and mugger. and you're doing it in a very sneaky way that is probably destroying the artist's heart and soul and faith.

I can certainly name a few who are doing this to me right now.

if you want to feel inspired and don't know how to begin, take a class and learn and develop a skill. travel and experience the world. stop looking at pinterest. that is not life nor is it source material. go be a person.
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